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A high-power, reliable, USB 2.0 hub ideal for the Raspberry Pi® Fast, Feisty and Fruity.

Small enough to fit in your pocket but with enough power to charge mobile phones, run hard drives and other power-hungry gadgets the PIHUB is the must have accessory for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Beautifully formed with bold silkscreen
  • 10% of revenue donated back to the Raspberry Pi foundation
  • Made, with love, by the Pimoroni pirate crew in Sheffield, UK
  • Fully USB 2.0 compliant (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)
  • 3000mA supply to power the hungriest of gadgets
  • 5.2V rich voltage to avoid brownouts
  • Multi TT processor for the best possible Raspberry Pi performance
  • 4 high-power USB ports for reliable Pi Power (also great for phones, hard disks, anything!)
  • Will run from bus-power in the absence of a power brick
  • CE and FCC approved for EMI good behaviour.

Please take care to choose the correct power supply (UK, EU or USA) for your part of the world above.

With 10% of revenue going to the Raspberry Pi Foundation the hub is not only helping you with your projects it's also helping to fund education projects around the world!

UK, EU, and US kit contents

  • PiHUB
  • 3A 5.2V power-supply (UK, EU, or US)
  • USB A -> B cable

* Babbage Bear not included - awwwwww!

Need to source a different power supply?

If you need a to source a power supply other than UK, EU, or US then please ensure that it fits the following spec:

  • Rated between 5V and 5.25V (do not exceed 5.25V)
  • At least a 2A supply (if you want to power four Pis you'll need 3A)
  • A centre positive DC barrel jack (2.5mm/5mm).