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The Pimoroni "Yarr, booty!" Challenge

We're giving away £1,000 worth of our Pimoroni Shop Gift Cards between Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Over the four days we will post a set of challenges to Twitter. They will be a mixture of creative, coding, and maker knowledge tasks.

  • We'll tweet each challenge when it starts
  • Challenges will last for an hour
  • The winner will be the best submission or quickest submission depending on the type of challenge
  • Prizes will range from £10 gift cards up to £50 gift cards depending on the challenge
  • All answers must fit in a single tweet (including the hashtag!)
  • We'll publish the winner after each challenge below
  • Judges' decision is final!

All answers must be submitted via Twitter with hashtag "#yarrbooty"

Follow us on Twitter to make sure you hear about each challenge as it starts...

Current challenge

Challenges all over until next time! Thanks for taking part everyone! :D

This challenge ends at: ??:?? GMT

Challenge results

Make a stylish looking (non-functional) robot using whatever you have on hand in one hour! View winning picture @AndyBateyPi
Question: What is @ladyada wearing on her head in her Wired cover image? Safety Goggles @ukscone
Write a Python program that finds the 43rd prime and fits in a Tweet print [x for x in range(2,1000) if not [t for t in range(2,x) if not x%t]][42]


Name Pin 17 on the TQFP-44 ATmega32U4 chip #yarrbooty XTAL1


Cloud computing is big. Take a picture of a cloud and convince us it looks like something else. View image


Which E12 series resistor would you use with a 20mA LED with forward voltage of 1.6V in a 5V circuit? #yarrbooty 180 ohms


Make a diorama with a horned or tusked animal using resistors, capacitors etc. Be creative! 2 HOURS. #yarrbooty WINNAH


(CPU Chip in the BBC Micro * Pitch of Lego in mm) - Y?? Bug - MCXLI = in Hex? 0xBEEB


What is @adafruit product #1037? Adafruit Pibow!


Complete this sentence "I'm a maker so I can create ______-powered ______ with a ______ on top." I'm a maker so I can create a zerg-powered mechanical Kraken with a Flying Spaghetti Monster on top.


Which Aerospace company has a building opposite @sparkfun's headquarters? Northrop Grumman


Use your @raspberry_pi to make an LED blink morse code for "MOUSTACHE" Elegant = better View Video


What is the etymology of the name "Pimoroni"? Be precise! PIrate MOnkey RObot NInja


£100 Gift Card Task: Design a tasty Maker cocktail recipe that has a catchy name and fits in a tweet. 2 HOURS. #yarrbooty

Winner 1
Winner 2

Special Prize




£25 Gift Card Maffs: ((Edison's death - Tesla's Birth) * A Decathlon) - Max value of a 4-bit unsigned int = in Octal? #yarrbooty #maffs



£10 Gift Card Question: Which country was Nikola Tesla born in? #yarrbooty

Austrian Empire


£10 Gift Card Teaser: You get ONE guess and there are a series of clues. No speculation please if you guess incorrectly. #yarrbooty
£10 Gift Card Question: Clue #1: Satellites & Satellite navigation. #yarrbooty
£10 Gift Card Question: Clue #2: The works of Queen. #yarrbooty
£10 Gift Card Question: Clue #3: Pisa. #yarrbooty



£25 Gift Card Teaser: Same rules, ONE guess, a series of clues. No speculation please if you guess incorrectly. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #1: I am one of the most common causes of poor vision. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #2: I can be cheaply and easily remedied. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #3: My base cause is the obstruction of light by a significant piece of debris. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #4: The average afflication is around 10-12 hours, but can last days. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #5: Just under half the globe is affected at any one time. #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Question: What, close to our hearts, was first operated in California in 1960? #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Question: Which robot is commonly instructed by an interpreted dialect of Lisp? #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Teaser: ONE guess. Multiple clues. No spoilers after your guess. Shout when think you have the link #yarrbooty
Head, Table, Paper, Trip, Up, House, About, Robin.



£10 Gift Card Question: What is the sine of bears? #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Question: What topology is common to both chickens and weathered gold deposits? #yarrbooty



£25 Gift Card Teaser: Same rules, ONE guess, a series of clues. No speculation please if you guess incorrectly. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #1: I am American #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #2: My artwork has world renown #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #3: I was 50 this year #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #4: My grandfathers are Francis and Émile #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #5: I tend to go by my initials. It's just cooler that way. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #6: Like Voldemort, I was in seven bits, but then I added more. #yarrbooty
£25 Gift Card Clue #7: Unicode is my daughter. She's complicated. #yarrbooty



£100 Gift Card Question: Take the 1st char of all today's answers. With a bit of 1337-5p33k, what are they an anagram of? #yarrbooty



£25 Gift Card Challenge: Make a nice piece of 8x8 pixel art for us to judge. Make it geeky and original #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Question: On a ship-shape pirate vessel, on what fixing upon her hull would her name be proudly displayed? #yarrbooty

Escutcheon (Archboard is also acceptable)  


£25 Gift Card Challenge: Artfully modify the title of a well known song to Makerfy it! #yarrbooty

"Achey Breakout Board"
"Green Green Grass of Ohm"


£50 Gift Card Question: Got an bugbear in the home/office? Create a new device to solve it using things to hand! 2 HOURS #yarrbooty



£10 Gift Card Bonus Q: What is the maximum number of whole bitcoins that can ever be mined? #yarrbooty

 21,000,000 or 20,999,999 depending on rounding style.


£10 Gift Cards Challenge: Which out-of-date pub snack are we eating RIGHT NOW? Be precise! #yarrbooty

 Honey Roasted Peanuts


£100 Gift Card Challenge: Make a mask that represents you, your skills and your personality. Don it and post a photo. 2 HOURS #yarrbooty