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The ProtoPal is an affordable prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi 2, A+ and B+

Teensy LC

£11.50    In stock

Teensy-LC (Low Cost) is a powerful 32 bit microcontroller board, with a rich set of hardware peripherals, at a very affordable price!

2x20 pin GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi 2/B+/A+

Connect your project directly to your Pi with these 2x20 pin GPIO headers!


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SmartiPi case for Raspberry Pi

The SmartiPi is a versatile Raspberry Pi 2 / B+ and camera case with Lego® and GoPro® mount compatibility.

Case Only

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Adafruit 12 x Capacitive Touch Shield for Arduino - MPR121

£11.50    8 in stock

This touch-able add on shield for Arduinos will inspire your next interactive project with 12 capacitive touch sensors.

Liquid Flow Meter - Plastic 1/2" NPS Threaded

£9    19 in stock

Measure liquid/water flow for your solar, computer cooling, or gardening project using this handy basic flow meter.


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The MeArm kit was developed as a low cost Open Source robot arm by Benjamin Gray and Jack Howard at phenoptix Towers.

Make: Making Simple Robots

£16.50    9 in stock

Exploring Cutting-Edge Robotics with Everyday Stuff

Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, 2nd Edition

£20    10 in stock

Now, with this new edition of the bestselling Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, readers with no electronics experience can create their first gadgets quickly.

Muscle Sensor v3

£30    8 in stock

We push buttons, pull levers, move joysticks… but what if we could take the buttons, levers and joysticks out of the equation?

SparkFun "Time-of-Flight" Range Finder Sensor - VL6180

£21    10 in stock

The SparkFun “Time-of-Flight” Range Finder, a sensor board for the VL6180 distance sensor.

Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT + RTC for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit

£22.50    18 in stock

You can now create a dazzling display with your Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+/Pi 2 with the Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT.

Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger

Would you like to add audio/sound effects to your next project, without an Arduino+Shield?


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Breadboard Base for Pibow

£4    24 in stock

Want to carry your Pi and project around together? Say hello to the Pibow Breadboard base!

Adventures in Minecraft - parts kit

£16    In stock

All the kit you need to go on your Adventures in Minecraft!

Propeller HAT

£15    In stock

Propeller HAT will get you flying in the world of microcontrollers; whether you’re just learning the ropes, or using it as an integral part of your home automation project.

Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA

£12    23 in stock

Making Wearables with an Arduino-Compatible Electronics Platform

GPIO Header for RaspberryPi A+/B+/Pi 2 - Tall 2x20 Female Header

£3    22 in stock

Connect your own PCB to a Raspberry Pi 2 with this extra-tall female header.

Reflective IR Sensor with 470 and 10K Resistors

£2    38 in stock

A breadboard friendly reflective IR sensor

Right-angle Mini GSM/Cellular Quad-Band Antenna - 2dBi SMA Plug

£4.50    5 in stock

This 2.2"/57mm long antenna has 2dBi of gain and 50Ω impedance so it will work fantastically with just about any 850/900/1800/1900/2100 wireless receiver/transmitter such as any Cellular or GSM/GPRS device.

Adventures in Minecraft

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Here's your ticket to a world of adventures with Minecraft and programming.

Adventures in Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition

£14    36 in stock

Start programming quickly with this super-fun guide to Raspberry Pi

Living hinge mobile phone stand

£2.50    19 in stock

A "Living Hinge" is an evolution of a traditional hinge that exists solely through the use of laser cutters

Jumper Jerky Junior

Rainbow coloured jumper strips, perfect for use with our mini breadboards!

Male to Male

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Male to Female

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Female to Female

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Solder Sucker with silicone nozzle

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A well designed, quality solder sucker pump - an innovative tool that yields excellent results.

Explorer HAT

The Explorer HAT and Explorer HAT Pro are the perfect prototyping side-kicks for your Raspberry Pi!

Explorer HAT Pro

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Explorer HAT

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B+ Pibow upgrade layer

Need to upgrade your beautiful B+ Pibow to work with your new Raspberry Pi 2? This layer is all you need!


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Heavy Duty Scissors

£17    10 in stock

Top quality heavy duty combination scissors with kevlar cutting capability

Pi-mote Control starter kit with 2 sockets

£20    10 in stock

The low cost home control solution for the Raspberry Pi

Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT Mini Kit - 320x240 2.2" TFT - No Touch

£23    21 in stock

The cute PiTFT got even more adorable with this little primary display for Raspberry Pi in HAT form!

Adafruit DC & Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit

£21    15 in stock

Let your robotic dreams come true with the new DC+Stepper Motor HAT from Adafruit.

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Raspberry Pi 2 with Pibow Case

The newest version of the mighty Raspberry Pi is six-times faster and has twice as much RAM!


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Coupé Ninja

£40    In stock

Coupé Flotilla

£40    In stock

Pibow for Raspberry Pi (2 & B+)

Pibow. The most stylish, add-on friendly, and protective case for the Raspberry Pi!


£12.95    In stock


£12.95    In stock

Pibow Coupé for Raspberry Pi (2 & B+)

Pibow Coupé. The slim, hackable, and attractive case for the Raspberry Pi!


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Coupé Ninja

£8.50    In stock

Coupé Flotilla

£8.50    In stock

Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with the new Raspberry Pi 2! Including microSD card, power supply, keyboard, mouse, Pibow case, cables, and stickers!


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Coupé Ninja

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Coupé Flotilla

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Make: Getting Started with Arduino

The Open Source Electronics Prototyping Platform

3rd edition

£11.50    23 in stock

2nd edition

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Adafruit Capacitive Touch HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit - MPR121

£13    In stock

This touch-able add on HAT for Raspberry Pi will inspire your next interactive project with 12 capacitive touch sensors.

Adafruit FONA - Mini Cellular GSM Breakout

An adorable all-in-one cellular phone module that lets you add voice, text, SMS and data to your project in an adorable little package.

SMA Version - v1

£39    15 in stock

uFL Version - v1

£36    Only 4 in stock!

Slim Sticker-type GSM/Cellular Quad-Band Antenna - 3dBi uFL

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That's one slim cellular antenna!


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The big brother to the Skywriter HAT -  Skywriter adds 3D gesture sensing to your project!

Component Storage Box - 2 Compartment

The perfect portable Pi storage box - snugly fits a Pibow protected Raspberry Pi with space for all of your accessories


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£3.50    11 in stock

Component Storage Box - 7 compartment

7 compartments to hold everything you need for your project


£4.50    16 in stock


£4.50    21 in stock


£4.50    21 in stock

Component Storage Box - 13 Compartment

13 compartments to hold all of your essential Maker goods


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£5.50    20 in stock

Pibow modification layers

Need to adapt your Pibow to fit your project? These handy extension layers will sort you out!

Height extension

£2    In stock

Coupé top

£2    In stock

Frosted diffuser

£2    49 in stock

Ninja diffuser

£2    In stock

LEGO® compatible base

£2    In stock

Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi A+ or B+ - Mini Kit

£40    14 in stock

Add precision time and location to your Raspberry Pi Model A+ or B+ with the Ultimate GPS HAT from Adafruit!

Adafruit Perma-Proto HAT for Pi Mini Kit

Design your own Pi HAT, attach custom circuitry and otherwise dress your Pi A+ or B+ with this jaunty prototyping HAT kit.


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Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit

£16    48 in stock

Control 16 Servos with perfect timing!

Vibrating Mini Motor Disc

£2    In stock

*BZZZZZZZZZZ* Feel that? That's your little buzzing motor, and for any haptic feedback project you'll want to pick up a few of them.

IR Break Beam Sensor - 5mm LEDs

£8    19 in stock

Infrared (IR) break-beam sensors are a simple way to detect motion.

Adafruit DRV2605L Haptic Motor Controller

£7    13 in stock

The DRV2605 from TI is a fancy little motor driver.